About Unleashed

Our Vision

Our story might be your story. We love animals, especially the dogs who share our home and are members of our family. We wanted a church where people understood our close emotional bond with our pets. A church where all God’s creatures and the beautiful earth we call home would be included in the gospel message. A church where pet lovers could find the kind of pastoral care and community that would support them through all the ups and downs of caring for animals.

You see, we are convinced that the good news of Jesus Christ means not only good news for humans, but also good news for all living creatures. Good news to humans means eternal life and peace and joy through Jesus’s resurrected life. Good news for creation means God’s family protecting, caring for, and rescuing all living things as stewards and guardians, providing the kind of love and care God always meant the earth and its inhabitants to have. This kind of care for creation glorifies and honors God because through it, we demonstrate God’s heart.

Good news also means belonging. We are dedicated to providing a church community where everyone can belong and where everyone’s unique gifts and design can be celebrated. We believe the journey of faith is complex and full of diversity, with one’s relationship with Christ being very personal and directed by God’s timing. We encourage anyone, from any faith or background, who shares a love of creation and dogs, to attend our services, participate in our ministries, and find a community of people who unconditionally love and support one another.

For decades, those who love the amazing animals God has provided have needed pastoral care and the support of a community that validates their love of creation. Unleashed Community Church has a heart for walking with those who love the animals with whom we share the earth.

How Unleashed Community Church Was Started:

Several families met together in September of 2014 to talk about the possibility of creating a church that would honor God and proclaim the message of Jesus to dog lovers and the community. After several informal get-togethers and business meetings, we decided to begin meeting  on January 25th of 2015. We have been able to make many connections with dog lovers and pet lovers in the communities of Eugene and Springfield through pet fairs and community events where we have been able to communicate the message and purpose of this new “creation-care” church. We anticipate a bright and promising future as we put some organizational pieces in place, and we continue to invite to our mission those who love and care about the earth and all living things.